Loose Parts in Boston- Back to Basics

      One preschool located in the suburbs of Boston had a dilemma: previous outdoor equipment had been deemed unsafe and was taken out. So what were they to do now for the outside environment? Loose Parts of course!

      Lisa and Miriam were interviewed over the summer by Melissa Shaw from Bay State Parent Magazine in Massachusetts. The final article takes a look into Miss Tanya's Nursery School which has made the change to Loose Parts, open-ended materials. Check out the article and learn about the transformation that brought the preschool and children back to the basics by clicking here. The article gives testimony to the power of Loose Parts. The children are engaged, creating, problem-solving, inventing, collaborating. Is that not what we as educators or parents want to see developing in our children?

I want children to explore, have experiences, and learn and grow, use their imagination, and not be funneled into one activity.
— Tanya Trainor, owner of Miss Tanya's Nursery School